Interview #2: Pyeongtaek Songhwa Elementary School

June 25, 2015
Recruiters are confusing the daylights out of me. I have my initial contact, Amanda with Teach ESL Korea, SunYoung from GoESLAsia, Joseph with STAR Teachers, Hero/Roy from HandsKorea, and Scott and Sean with EZ English. It gets so confusing trying to remember who I talked to and what I’ve told to them.

On Thursday, June 25, I was just sitting down to an outdoor concert with my friends when I got a phone call. It was Scott from EZ English. I haven’t heard from him since the first week of April. Via Skype, Scott informed me:

“all gepik declined you due to no expeorence, gyopo etc
but i ketp recommended you and finally iset up 1 interview
and no more gepik job” [sic]

Yay an interview! However, he gave the interview time and information to the wrong person. He didn’t even realize the mistake was made until the school already talked to the wrong candidate and the school informed him that they were not talking to a 30 year old gyopo. He begged them for another interview time and got one… at 1:30am my time. To top it all off, I was the one required to make the long distance call to Korea for the interview.

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