Korea: Love-Hate-Weird

10 Things I Love about Korea
1) Korean BBQ
2) Accessible and cheap public transportation
3) Service (Free stuff)
4) Deskwarming (I get paid to sit around and do whatever I want. I never understood why this is a common thing that foreigners complain about.)
5) Drinking culture (Pouring for other people is fun.)
6) Fast internet, widely available
7) Instant person-to-person bank transfers
8) Legally drinking in public parks
9) K-Pop/ Noraebangs (private karaoke rooms)
10) Street food

10 Things I Hate about Korea
1) Feeling obligated to eat mystery meats.
2) Personal space culture differences.
3) Drinking culture (I saw a girl in tears because she felt like she was being forced to drink.)
4) The weather
5) The smell of beondegi
6) Lack of diversity and lingering racial stereotyping
7) Constant fear of getting hit by a car, bus, motorbike, etc.
8) Lack of accessibility to foreign foods, ingredients, spices
9) Lack of laundry drying machines
10) Abundance of stray cats (this is more of a regional thing, but it’s the thing I hate the most)

10 Weird Things about Korea
1) Eggs come in a carton of 10 (and brown eggs are more common than white eggs)
2) Apartment ceilings are wallpapered
3) Most Korean milk is ultra-pasteurized and therefore will refuse to die months after the “expiration date”
4) The 4th floor is rarely found in buildings because the word for four also means “death”
5) Shaking your leg, especially while eating, is bad luck
6) Wearing plunging necklines or showing your shoulders is considered inappropriate for ladies, and yet wearing mini skirts that barely cover the bum is fine
7) Students have each subject 2-3 times a week; unlike the US where they study the core subjects 5 days a week
8) Koreans wear large, puffy coats inside the building during winter while keeping the doors and windows wide open
9) There is no Rice Krispies cereal here.
10) Korean fusion cuisine – corn on pizza, french fries on pizza, ice cream on salad

What do you think of my list? Would you add anything?


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