A Year in Review

It has been a year since I started working for Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education (GOE) and what a year it has been. I have made friends from all over the world, met some amazing people and had some of the most memorable experiences of my life. It is because of this that I decided to renew my contract with GOE for another year.

When I first started this blog, I thought it would be a way to share my experiences. Little did I know that I was going to have so much fun that I wouldn’t have time to write those experiences down! With a year of experience under my belt and my lesson plans ready for the next year, I am hopeful that I will do a better job at keeping up with the blog.

If anyone out there is wondering whether or not putting your life on hold is worth is: it is. For some, Korea is not what they expected it to be. But I can’t think of a single person I’ve come in contact with that would say coming to Korea was worthless. For me, coming to Korea has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life.


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