Miryang Rompings

September 12, 2015
I’ve mentioned before how awesome my co-workers are. They make an effort to talk to me and make sure I’m comfortable. The first few days in Miryang were a little hard on me because I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t know how to navigate around the city. I would take walks around my neighborhood but never found more than a few restaurants, convenience stores, and a car wash. I was sure I landed in the Mansfield of Korea.

My co-teacher, Sunny, told me that one of the teachers lived in the city and could show me around. Jeong Hee is the same age as I am, single, and male. I can’t know for sure, but I’m fairly certain that many of the teachers tease him about me and another female teacher that started the same time as I did. Jeong Hee agreed to show me around the city and took me to some of the touristy spots. Our last stop was a coffee shop. Just outside the coffee shop, we ran into three of our students who immediately burst into squeals and screams upon seeing us. I couldn’t help but laugh under my breath but Jeong Hee kept a straight face. Jeong Hee said something to them before going into the shop. As he ordered, I could see the girls outside the window taking pictures of us on their cell phones. We took our food upstairs to the dining area and saw two more of our students. They didn’t make as big a fuss as the other girls when they saw us, but Jeong Hee was staring them down. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I stared them down too. The girls sunk down into their seats asking, “What? What? Why are you doing that?”

Work should be fun on Monday!


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