Korea Day 3: Meeting Shepard

Today was a hallmark for me. I finally got to meet one of my language partners in person! His English name is Shepard, and he’s one of the most dedicated people I know. He was kind enough to take a bus from Busan to Changwon to meet me. Shepard taught me how to order food at the Lotte Department Store’s food court, how to order food for take out, and the most valuable tool of all – the Naver navigation app. More than that, over the past few months of knowing him, Shepard has taught me about how to live everyday working towards your goals. Shep’s goal is to become a UN ambassador. And, to put it in Konglish, everyday he lives life hard. Instead of applying for an easy military duty, he aims for the most difficult and dangerous. He only sleeps for 3 hours at night. He sacrifices time with his friends and yet cherishes his close relationships. Every morning he asks God to give him more adversity if it will make him a better, kinder man.

Shepard is more than just a language partner. He is a brother, a role model, and a friend. I couldn’t be more grateful to know him.


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