Korea Day 1: Changwon

I’m staying at an Airbnb apartment until my orientation on September 1. I didn’t want to be jet lagged for orientation, so I came plenty early.

When I woke up, I was greeted by the cutest little girl you can even imagine. She came into my room and handed me two pieces of candy. Oh my gosh. The cuteness factor isn’t even on the scale. When I came out of my room, an older girl greeted me with a piece of chocolate. Well since we’re exchanging candy, I thought I’d give them some of mine. Skittles are a hit with cute Korean kids. Also, my neck pillow was a big hit for some reason.

By this time, my phone is dying. I was too tired to find my power adapter last night. When I tried to plug it in… plop. It fell out. Great. Sena helped me figure out what buses I needed to get to an EMart. I was a little nervous considering I wasn’t exactly sure what the stops I needed were called and my phone was going on 5% battery. The first bus, I got off too early and a stranger explained which bus I could take and that I needed to get off after 3 stops. Finding my location, I walk up to the door only to see that it was closed. EMart didn’t open until 10:00. It was 8:45. Crap.

Might as well take the opportunity to explore. It seemed nothing was open. Even the coffee shop that claimed it served brunch wasn’t open. Even so, I couldn’t help but marvel at everything. This is my life now. I’m living in a country where I understand less than 10% of anything I hear or read. And thank God for that 10%. I’ve been able to get directions, give a little old lady the time, and get assistance on how to charge my laptop.

Living here doesn’t feel quite real yet. It feel like it’s a vacation. I’m so excited to start working and settling in.


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