One Week Left

By this time next week, I will be in an airplane heading toward a new home in Korea. At times, it doesn’t quite feel real. My family keeps asking me what’s on my Bucket List of things to do or eat before I leave. Truth is, there’s not much that I feel like I need to do, and there’s really not much that I feel like I can’t get in Korea. Turkey and limes. Those are the only two things that I might miss while in Korea. But who wants to eat turkey and limes as your Swan Song Dinner?

When I meet up with friends or family, it doesn’t feel like it might be the last time I can see them face-to-face for a year. But then I think about selling my car or trying to obviate problems with my MacBook in Korea or figuring out my banking situation. That’s when the anxiety kicks in. I don’t know if my 15 year old car will still run when I come back, but it’s paid off. Should I keep it or sell it? If I keep it, I have to get the tags renewed before I leave. If I decide to sell it, I have to do it fast or else, you know, tags. Most people feel that the Mac/Korea compatibility issue is a minor one. But my Mac is a little slow as it is. Should I try to run Windows on it or just find a new computer? My student loans need to get paid while I’m in Korea, but PNC will charge me outrageous fees for depositing money into my account from a foreign bank. No problem, switch to Ally Bank that doesn’t have fees. But one loan is through the most difficult banks to work with *ahem Citibank* and they won’t let me change bank account withdrawals online or over the phone.  I only have one week left? What have I been doing this whole summer?!


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