How to Unlock a Cellphone – Sprint USA

I’ve been stressing out over life in Korea. The latest topic: cellphone. I could buy a new phone in Korea, but that’s super expensive. I have no idea if I’m staying for longer than a year, so it wouldn’t make sense to commit to a 2-year contract just for a cheap phone. I have a perfectly good Galaxy, so why not use it? Since Korea and the US use different frequencies, I have to get my phone unlocked in order to use it.

I thought the process might be difficult, but it was really a walk in the park.

  1. Go to [Sprint’s Legal/Regulatory & Consumer Service] page to see if your phone qualifies for getting unlocked.
  2. Contact a Sprint Customer Service representative by [livechat] or phone (888-226-7212). Select “SIM unlock” under the “Request” tab if you are using the livechat. (This is the method I used.) They will ask for your phone number and PIN or security answer.
  3. The CSR should check your phone’s status to make sure it is eligible to unlock. After you give him/her the go ahead, your phone will restart.
  4. On my Galaxy S4, I went to Settings > More > System Update > UICC Unlock
  5. Voila! My phone is now ready to receive a foreign SIM card.

The whole process took less than 5 minutes. Let’s hope I don’t forget to have my mom cancel my phone plan once I get to Korea!


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