May Day

After my little blitz of activity with the Suwon interview, things settled down for me in May. I was working with my recruiter from Teach ESL Korea (Amanda) and Korean recruiters from STAR Teachers (Joseph), Ez English (Sean), and Ez Recruiting (Scott). Joseph encouraged me to get a 20-hour in-class certificate because many public schools in Korea prefer it opposed to online only coursework. I dragged my feet about it because it seems that nowhere in Ohio is there an affordable program. Everything is college-based here. Joseph did his best to give me resources to find the requirement, but nothing seemed feasible. I checked with my TEFL Program and asked if they had an in-class program. I was told that I would have to find places to volunteer and have someone sign off that I did the work. Hang on. I’m paying money to do ALL the work and getting a lousy piece of paper in return? Thankfully, Joseph told me that the volunteer project wouldn’t cut it.

I thought I would still be okay without the 20-hour class because GEPIK doesn’t require it. Only EPIK and GOE do. (And probably SMOE and Busan’s program asks for 40-hours, I think.) However, Joseph sent me an email explaining that STAR Teachers no longer works with GEPIK. The only program left is GOE. Crap.

I emailed Amanda with my concerns. If STAR Teachers doesn’t work with GEPIK, does that mean I can’t get a job? She responded that Teach ESL Korea is cutting ties with STAR Teachers due to reliability issues and would re-connect me with Scott from EZ Recruiting.

After not hearing from anyone, I beginning to panic.