Internet Irony

The internet is a strange place. Even though it’s not a real, tangible thing, it has the power to make real, tangible things possible. Take this blog for example. I never really meant anything by it except to write a few musings. However, it has made a coincidental meeting into something more meaningful.

Back in November, my friend Jordan and I were on our way to Seattle for a friend’s wedding. Due to some guy going crazy in Chicago, our flight got postponed, cancelled, and moved. Incidentally, we met a couple of guys who were the gender-bender version of ourselves. A White guy and a Korean guy. We exchanged a few gripes and laughs about our situation and parted ways at the Seattle Airport. Ironically, we met back up when the guys walked into the same train car Jordan and I were in. More laughter and jokes about accidentally meeting in the city ensued. They got off a few stops before Jordan and me, never to be seen again. Or so we thought.

In April, I decided to recap about my interviewing experience for schools in Korea. I hadn’t kept up on the blog at all and never checked my email to see that I had a message waiting on me. Turns out, it was the Korean guy from the airport! He found my blog when he was researching his case worker from Holt Children’s and saw my picture. Turns out, he and his White counterpart both live 50 miles away from where I live.

We sent emails back and forth comparing adoption notes. (They synced up like a plagiarized book report.) We all decided to meet up for a mini reunion. Games we played, food was eaten, and fun was had by all.

Thanks internet.


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