Teaching in Korea Progress

Things seem to be moving a lot faster now. I have regular contact with my recruiter with news of a new position, questions, answers and the like. Everything feels so rushed, and I’m paying for it dearly in both money and ulcers. Here’s what’s been happening so far:

April 7, 2015
I got an email from a recruiter (SY) with an interview opportunity in Suwon. However, the school is looking for a Korean who can speak Korean. I was honest with my abilities and explained that I would not be able to speak to parents comfortably.

April 8, 2015
SY decided to set up the interview anyway. The interview was schedule for the same day at 10 pm EST.

– I contacted GOA’L which is an organization that helps adopted Koreans get F-4 Visas among other services. I also emailed the Korean Embassy/Consulate in Chicago trying to get more information about how to apply for the F-4. Both have been very helpful. I will have to write an entry about the process once I figure out how everything works.

– I sent out my fingerprints to Accurate Biometrics for an expedited FBI / CRC. This is where I’m feeling rushed. Because I am able to start a job in Korea in mid-June, I am getting a few offers from schools with early enrollment. In order to get these jobs, I have to have my background check completed and apostilled. I have to expedite everything which means it costs a boatload more money. The schools that I am getting offers from are mostly hagwons and not the kind of job that I want. So why don’t I save a few bucks and wait for the public school jobs to open up?

Great rhetorical question that I’m going to answer anyway!

I have this weird feeling of everything hanging over me. Andrea! You have to get your fingerprints processed! Andrea! You have to get your FBI/CRC apostilled! Andrea! You have to apply for your Visa! I feel like everything is concentrated into a big mess of stress. Yes, I could pay $18 and wait patiently for 6-8 weeks to have my fingerprints processed by the FBI. But that’s not the kind of person I am. Paying $60 for the rushed processing and delivery will be worth every penny once I am able to breathe a sigh of relief.

This process has been a weird mix of anticipation, excitement, anxiousness, and frustration. I want to get all the red tape stuff out of the way so I can concentrate on the job search, interviews, and enjoy daydreams of life in Korea. If that means a burning a small hole in my pocket to speed the process along, so be it.

April 8, 2015 cont’d
[My Interview with EOS in Suwon]

April 10, 2015
Received electronic FBI/CRC results from Accurate Biometrics.

April 11, 2015
– Got rejection email from EOS recruiter.
– Officially joined GOA’L as a member.

April, 14, 2015
Received hard copy of FBI/CRC results from Accurate Biometrics.


To Do – Due Tomorrow:
1) Send Holt Children’s Services paperwork for my Adoption Certificate (입양사실확인서)
2) Send FBI/CRC to be apostilled.

To Do – ASAP:
1) Finish and turn in EPIK application.
2) Research SMOE and decide if I want to apply.

To Do – Later:
1) Send a ton of crap to the Korean Embassy/Consulate for F-4 Visa.
2) Ponder if I am willing to work for a hagwon if I can’t get a job in public schools.


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