How to Get Your College Degree Apostilled – Ohio

1) Make a copy of your degree.

2a) Take original document and copy to an attorney to get notarized.
2b) Take original document and copy to a regular notary to get notarized. THEN take notarized copy to your local County Clerk of Courts to get the notary signature verified.

Note: I’m not sure the cost for either of these services. My friend is an attorney and was nice enough to provide the service for free.

3) Make out a check for $5.00 to the Ohio Secretary of State.

4) Mail the following:
– Letter explaining you need your document apostilled
– Check for $5.00
– Copy of notarized (and verification if you went to CCC) degree
– Self-addressed pre-paid envelope

You should get your documents back in 2-3 weeks.

Why do I have to get my degree copy notarized AND verified by the County Clerk of Courts?
It was explained to me that the notary’s signature had to be verified.

Why do I have to get my degree notarized by an attorney?
An attorney’s commission never expires, and somehow that makes all the difference.