Why I’m No Longer Nasty

“Nasty” (noun): a fan of the blog, Eat Your Kimchi

One of my all-time favorite blogs was Eat Your Kimchi. A married couple from Canada moved to Korea to teach English. They started their blog as a way to show their family and friends back home that Korea wasn’t some destitute Third World Country and to chronicle their adventures. Months later they discovered that they had viewers and not just the ones back at home. They started to branch out, featuring KPop and making jabs at the music videos through skits and satire.

I owe a lot to Eat Your Kimchi. It was through their weekly installments of KPop Music Monday that I was able to fall in love with KPop, then fall in love with Korea, and ultimately embrace who I am being an American in a Korean body. However, I have noticed a drastic change in their structure over the years. When I started watching them, they prepared skits and I was genuinely able to laugh out loud. Each week, I had something to look forward to. No matter how crappy my weekend was or how sucky Mondays are, I knew I would have a good music video and a good hard laugh in KPop Music Monday.

And then one day it was gone. The quirky skits, the LAUGHS, even the fun nature of the blog seemed dampened by some invisible force: fame. I really hate to say it, but there’s really no other way to explain what has happened to EYK. Simon and Martina got big. They made a small fortune on their Indiegogo and was able to build themselves quite a nice studio and saved up a hefty sum of money to start a business in Seoul. Now instead of doing what made them famous (KPop Music Mondays) their blog is filled with product reviews, international travel, what -con they’re featured in, live chats, and the occasional cat video. How many posts did they do in September 2014? 14. How many were the “You voted for it, now we’ll review it” KPop vids that we know and love? 0. What about August 2014? 13 videos, 0 KPop. The one they did categorize as KPop was actually a hodgepodge of old KPop songs they thought would be good for the new coffee shop that they now co-own.

I don’t blame them. They found a way to make a living and wanted to change things up a bit by branching out. I guess I’m just in mourning. I’m mourning the loss of my weekly guaranteed rolls of laughter.

Wanna know something ironic? The episode in which I fell in love with KPop, Korea, and myself was “Fantastic Baby” by Big Bang. The episode I knew that EYK would never be the same again: “Michigo” by GDragon, lead member of Big Bang. It goes to show that life really does come full circle in many things. I’ll still use EYK to find new KPop music to enjoy. As long as people continue to vote on their KPop chart in the vain hope that Simon and Martina will finally do another real KPop Music Monday, I’ll still be able to get some use out of the site. However, gone are they days that I can call myself a “Nasty.”


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